Best Strains for Creative Artists

Best Strains for Creative Artists

June 28, 2022

Today we’re running down the top cannabis strains in Canada for creative artists. 

That includes music, dancing, singing, acting, designers, directors, writers, and anyone out there creating art in one form or another. 

What you’d typically find on this type of list are strains that qualify as “uplifting” and “stimulating”, but we’re going deeper. Each artist has different needs from their cannabis. 

Keep reading to see which strains we recommend for what type of artists and find some of the best strains for creativity in 2021. Let’s Go!

1 . Blue Dream 

We’d recommend Blue Dream for daytime enjoyment by creative artists that seek inspiration and a calm sense of concentration. 

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from a cross of Blueberry and Haze, and its average THC potency lands around 20%. 

Use this strain to calm down a scattered mind, boost mood, and spark some fire in your day. 

2 . Gorilla Glue #4 

High potency and cerebral stimulation are the highlights of any great hybrid, and Gorilla Glue #4 excels in both. This bud is great for creative types that require strong relief day or night.

Don’t let this Indica-dominant hybrid strain fool you, it’s got plenty of stimulating “kick” on the front end of its potent effects. 

With a fuel, dark-chocolatey, and herbal profile, GG #4 hits hard, and it’s a great choice for regular daytime tokers with a high tolerance. 

3 . Gelato 

Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid strain that’s a perfect choice for artists when they’re creating alone at home or crafting in collaboration. 

This strain is just barely Indica-dominant and provides deep body relief and high potency (approx. 20% THC) without leaving you feeling overly drowsy or sedated. 

Pick Gelato for any time of day and enjoy its incredible flavor profile featuring herbal, berry, citrus notes on the front, and a sweet, woodsy finish. 

4 . Girl Scout Cookies 

This strain is a great pick for creative types that spend too much time in their head. 

This well-balanced Indica-hybrid features tons of characteristic potency and cerebral activation as its predecessors, OG Kush x Durban Poison X F1. 

Offering an incredible minty-sweet flavor and cherry-wood aftertaste, Girl Scout Cookies is a classic favorite among creative artists that need some help with stress relief and concentration during the daytime. 

5 . Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is the perfect daytime and social collaboration type of cannabis strain for creative artists because it helps spark joy, insight, and conversation. 

This pick is mainly Sativa-dominant with just enough Indica genetics to beef up the potency of the dank, diesel, candy-flavored strain, typically landing upwards of 23% THC. 

Pick Sour Diesel to help keep you focused and zoned in on your daytime tasks, or to ignite loose and fluid talks or thoughts. This is a great choice for artists that enjoy a good pick-me-up from their cannabis. 

6 . Northern Light

Northern Lights is a hard-hitting nighttime strain that is among the most favored Indica strains of all time. 

Said to be a descendent of Afghani landrace strain, Northern Lights is a purebred Indica that usually hits around 23%+ THC content.

We recommend this strain pick for musicians and late-night creatives that need help switching into chill mode after performing. 

7 . OG Kush

It’s hard to leave OG Kush off any top strain list, and this one is no different. Born on the USA’s west coast, OG Kush is a classic Indica-dominant hybrid that consistently slams you with high-potency hits every time. 

We love that there’s just enough Sativa genetics in this strain to keep you lit and energized without going too much into your headspace. 

OG Kush is a great strain to help you get centered and level out overactive thinking, physical discomfort, and stress. Enjoy that classic kush profile that’s earthy, herbal, and pungent with a touch of spice and sweet, woodsy pine. 

8 . Forbidden Fruit 

We recommend Forbidden Fruit for creative strain collectors and cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy potent effects along with exotic flavor and color. 

Enjoy this Indica-dominant hybrid after the show is over to relax and ease into the late-night hours. 

Forbidden Fruit has a blasting berry-citrus aroma and flavor and provides a wonderful deep body high. 

9 . Purple Punch 

This unique Indica-dominant strain tastes like sweet grapes, berries, and vanilla. Coming in at 20%+ THC, it’s super potent and best recommended for nighttime use. 

If you’re crafting art at home, dive into Purple Punch and see where it takes you, but this one packs a punch so think about saving it for after the on-stage performance. 

Thanks to its lineage of Indica-Sativa crosses, Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purps, Purple Punch gives you a nice well-rounded buzz in the body and head that leaves you happy, hungry, horny, and sleepy - in that order. 

10 . Chemdog

This strain gives you a long-lasting heady buzz, so a little bit before your next session will go a long way. 

A well-balanced Indica-dominant hybrid, Chemdog (Chemdawg) usually lands between 15%-20% THC, so it’s moderately potent.

Chemdog offers a sense of uplifting joy, cerebral stimulation, along with creative insight and inspiration. That’s if you can remember to write down your ideas. 

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